Augmentors Game Trailer

Augmentors Game Trailer

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Augmentors is an augmented reality, real-time multiplayer mobile game, built on the blockchain, that puts you in control of fantastical creatures that you truly own. Because Augmentors is built on the blockchain, it allows you to collect an army of powerful and rare creatures that you have true ownership of, meaning once you’ve trained your asset through battles, you can sell and buy them as you wish.  

Augmentors boasts a number of firsts: it was the first Shark Tank investment backed in Bitcoin, it also held the first Token Sale in South Africa. Augmentors raised $1 million in the Token Sale through the sale of Databits (DTB), their Crypto-token.

Newtown Partners, a blockchain investment and advisory firm headed by Vinny Lingham and Llew Claasen, is an equity investor in Augmentors.

Created by Michael Deon, Augmentors was borne out of the desire to have an augmented reality character as a friend when he was 11 years old. Michael co-founded Augmentors with Kyle Haffenden in 2015, and in 2017 Gert Kruger was appointed CEO.

Augmentors soft launched in limited markets in August 2018.

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